Our Services

We help with a range of nursing, personal and lifestyle needs while providing welcome companionship. Our services include nursing care, assistance with personal care, light housekeeping, assistance with meal preparation, medication assistance and reminders as well as escort to appointments, shopping or social outings.

Our services are based on what consumers truly want as well as what they really need. We seek, value and respect client feedback. Our clients have been telling us they want:

  • To be involved in design of their own care
  • To remain a valued and active citizen
  • To remain in their own home
  • To remain independent
  • To have consistency in their case manager and carers
  • Services to be flexible and innovative
  • Staff to be honest, reliable, punctual and empathetic
  • To embrace positive risk management

Co-design of an individualised care plan

Our HomeCare Advisors are experienced Registered Nurses and will make recommendations and provide guidance to the client and/or family on ways in which the client's lifestyle can be made more comfortable and to support their independence.

The Individualised Care Plan (ICP) is a collaboration between the client and/or family and our experienced HomeCare Advisors. Once engaged our HomeCare Advisors make follow-up visits with the client and the designated carers to ensure that the Individualised Care Plan is meeting the needs of the client.

The Individualised Care Plan and the care notes are available and kept in a folder in the client's home. That way, all care planned for and provided, is available for easy and timely reference by the client and/or family members.

Respite Care

Respite care (also known as ‘short-term care’) is a form of support for you and your carer. It gives your carer the opportunity to attend to everyday activities, to have a break or go on holidays while ensuring your needs are supported.

We offer short or long-term services, with short regular episodes of care, 24-hour live-in care, or even casual care. There are no contracts or obligations, you can choose what you need and when you need it.

  • Live-in or 24-hour support
  • After hours and emergency services
  • A defined period of care, for example a couple of days, weeks or months
  • Casual care to have a night off, or a day or weekend to meet your personal needs
  • Minimum 2 hour booking

Companion Care

This service provides your family member with a companion who will not only care for them but help them achieve the life they want. This may include regular outings, visiting friends and relatives or going to social activities. Our companion carers can also provide an escort to the shops, banks or medical appointments.

Companion Care is a service for clients who are able to do personal things for themselves but have found themselves isolated from day-to-day companionship, social outings, shopping and appointments among other things.

Companionship: Regular visits provide an opportunity for friendship and mental stimulus through chats, reading or games.

  • Escort for visits to friends, shopping trips, movies, beaches, parks, medical appointments, or even overseas travel.
  • Security of having a personal escort who is patient and reliable for day outings or medical appointments.
  • Routine checks on overall wellbeing, with regular feedback to ensure family are kept informed of welfare.


Home from Hospital Care

You, a friend or family member may be recovering from recent in-hospital surgical or medical treatment. You may feel unsure following discharge and feel you would benefit from short term assistance in your own home. We can assist you with all your care needs and at your request liaise with your doctors and allied health staff to minimise your recovery time and maximise your return to your pre-hospital independence.

These services may be covered by your private health insurance. You will need to contact your health fund.

  • Our Nurses can assist with all your technical medical requirements. Some examples of support provided includes medication management, diabetes education and support and comprehensive Wound Care
  • Our Carers can provide assistance with daily activities, such as preparing meals, assisting with showering or bathing, getting dressed, grocery shopping and collecting prescriptions
  • Falls can cause additional injury to the body, hindering the healing process following surgery or treatment. Nursing HQ can provide 24-hour care — including helping patients to the bathroom at night offering peace of mind.
  • Support after day surgery or cosmetic surgery we can tailor our post operative services to suit whatever your circumstances may require. We offer discreet, comfortable transportation to and from any day procedures, can collect prescriptions, manage wound care and provide personal care assistance in the comfort of your own home.

Nursing Professionals

Nursing HQ HomeCare nurses specialise in delivering care in your own home, hostel, residential care facilities and temporary accommodation. At your request we are able to work with all your doctors and allied health staff. Our experienced nursing staff include Clinical Nurse Specialists, Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses

Typical services include but are not limited to:

  • Wound care
  • Bowel, Bladder and incontinence care
  • Managing medications
  • Post hospital care
  • Complex nursing care